Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today I'd like to talk about atheism.  

I have never questioned whether or not there is a God.  It seems obvious to me.  But there is obviously a substantial number of people who have an atheist world view.  Of this population, many of them would agree that there seems to be a spiritual side of life, which is just silly to me.  If we all evolved from a tiny micro-organism floating around in space, a spiritual side could not be justified.  A spirit is eternal and would have to come from somewhere else.

Besides that, evolution in it's current state doesn't make sense.  Okay - so we come from monkeys.  Who nursed the first monkey?  Leave a newborn baby or monkey out in the wilderness and see how long it lasts without it's mother.

Now I understand that there is a specific time table in the bible and that many people do not believe that it is possible for this world to be less than 7,000 years old.  I tend to disagree.  My justification for this is that I believe that when God created Adam, he did not form him as a Zygote.  I believe Adam appeared to be a young man.  I believe He created Eve in this same way.  In short, I believe the chicken came first - not the egg.  If this is true, why couldn't He create a world that appeared to be older than it really was?

But that's just my personal conviction.

Okay, so there is a God.  But does He really listen to every one of the billion prayers that are being offered simultaneously?  I don't know, but He seems to be listening to mine.  My guess is that if there is a God, we are talking about a being who invented time.  One who does not exist by our standards or understanding.  He exists in a place that is eternal - has no beginning or end.  If I were to pretend to remotely understand that, I would be lying.


  1. Great resource on this subject: I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Athiest, by Norm Geisler and Frank Turek. I read it over and over again to pound the scientific proof of God's existance into my brain, so I have ample ammunition for discussions with non-believers.

  2. I agree with everything you say here. Believing in God is like believing in air. Whether or not I can see it or believe in it, it is there. I don't think of God as something I believe in . He is bigger than that. Is has always been. He is too everpresent in my life to be reduced to just a belief.